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Everyone, I will be completely honest with you.  Moving from a well known platform like Etsy, where everything is handled by a third party, has had some growing pains. I thought it would be simple, bring over our listings, send out cards with Etsy orders to drive repeat traffic here, and post on social media about this website.  

The response has been, lackluster, and no one is to blame but myself. 

So, I started to actually look into what I can do, what tools I have available. 

This Blog is one tool. I have the ability to post a few times a week about upcoming events, sales, offers, and new products.  There is a lot of interesting changes we are going through, a lot of interesting ideas we are brainstorming, and this blog is the place to give everyone a peek behind the curtains to see what we are doing.

The Newsletter

The Newsletter, of course! A weekly recap on items of the week, blog posts, upcoming sales, important information. It will keep you all in the loop, because if any of you are like me, you will read an email recap before you go and browse websites. So if you sign up, that will cover that! And thank you to those who already did sign up, I promise not to spam you!




Social Media

While it's a huge part of what we do, I think a re-imagining of what and how we post will do better. Sure there will be products, but I'm going to have more fun in how they are displayed. Expect Pugs, they work for treats and are great models to showcase our art and designs. 

Here is to the future of letting everyone see what goes on at SNG Design Co and a little behind the scenes as well.

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